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The mission of the Association is the spiritual growth of its members through their relationship with the Sisters of St. Francis of the Providence of God and participation in planned liturgies and other spiritual activities and events. The Association also exists to give Legacy Scholarships to qualifying students attending Seton LaSalle High School in the South Hills, thus continuing a Catholic education and to keep St. Francis Academy alumnae in touch with one another.

We are also working for the enhancement and growth of the association.  Members are encouraged to update and share contact information (names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses) with the advisory board and each other.

Because of the Christian values attained at SFA, the alumnae members believe in financially supporting those groups and organizations who share those same values. The SFA Alumnae Association works in collaboration with the  Office of Development and Public Relations of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Providence of God as needed."


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