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Fall Bus Trip October 14, 2017


We could not have asked for a better day for our annual bus trip. The warm mid-October sun glistening on Lake Erie and bright blue skies made the bus ride extra scenic and pleasant.


We met at Advent Church for donuts and coffee and everyone was presented with a fall-themed shopping bag with their name on it, as well as a nametag to wear on their lapels.  The 44 of us boarded the bus and after a prayer and some time to talk with our riding partners we had a rousing game of bus bingo with lots of prizes for the winners. We had some treats of chocolate and chips as we made our way up Interstates 79 and 90.


Then our guide got on board and first led us to the Smolen Gulf Bridge, the longest covered bridge in the United States. We were able to disembark and take pictures at the base of the bridge in a park-like atmosphere.


Next, we arrived at Ashtabula Harbor, and some people went on the tour of the Ashtabula Marine Museum, where we learned about the history of the Great Lakes and the Ashtabula Harbor, including its very own drawbridge. Others went directly to the shops at the harbor, where there were eclectic gift shops, a chocolate store, and Harbor Perks, the local quaint coffee shop. And some did both!


We then arrived at Grand River Cellars, where we had a delicious lunch of chicken and mashed potatoes with vegetable and a sumptuous piece of cheesecake that was out of this world. Along without our meal, the owner of the Cellars had us try 3 wines, the last of which was a sweet Ice Wine, made right on the premises by a very intricate process of not picking the grapes until the outside temperature was 17 degrees. The tastings were quite delightful. Some of us even bought some wine to take home.


Our next stop to Arthur & Lloyd’s General Store took us back in time as we each received an ice cream sundae at their old-fashioned soda fountain. There was an old apothecary in the back and there were retro games, puzzles, toys, and knick-knacks that were available for sale. It was quite a nostalgic experience.


The last stop was Robinson Apple Barn. This rustic family-owned barn had apples galore for sale, as well as other produce, honey, and cider. The best part was being able to purchase one of Mrs. Robinson’s pies right off the cooling rack!


On the way home we were treated to either a grilled chicken strawberry salad or a roasted shrimp Caesar salad – all made by our very own President, Lori Lukich, who made the dressings from scratch and meticulously assembled and packed each salad with great care.


Needless to say, a great time was had by all and we cannot wait until our next adventure!

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