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To Whom it May Concern,

As a former 'Ciscan  (class of 1978), I have some of the most cherished 
Lenten memories any teen girl could ever have experienced. Sister Peg, 
Sister Lora, and Sr Janet, always encouraged us to go deeper into the very 
heart of our faith. Our chapel services were anointed, our worship was an 
offering to God, and in the preparation of the altar alone, many of us 
experienced the very presence of a loving Savior.

For the past 27 years I have lived in Oregon and , to be connected to these 
same prayers, and the heart of others who still call on His name each day 
though an electronic Lenten devotion is a huge blessing.

Thank you so very much for all you do to encourage my commitment to prayer 
with other women who mean so very much to me.

God bless you deeply as you rise and as you rest. In Jesus the Conqueror,

Andrea Makranin Hoskins

On the 8th day God created the Steelers. 

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